207 Zafar Corps

A short history of Zafar 207 Corps

The 207 Zafar corps was institutionalized in the structure of the Afghan MoD by Late Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim , Defense Minister at the time, and was inaugurated in an area 27 kilo meters south of Herat city with the Afghan flag raised over it.

The Zafar Corps, structured with a garrison, an infantry unit started its security operations as per the routine requirements and policy of the Afghan Ministry of Defense.

A number of support sections and auxiliaries of the Zafar Corps have been established by end of the2004 /1383 which are deployed in 4 provinces in the western zone of the country.

In effect to the ANA capacity development, the Zafar 207 corps includes 3 infantry regiments, 3 garrison, 5 units and training centers, 2 independent companies under its command and at the same time is equipped with the new NATO arms and war equipment’s, accommodation and is currently on the way to further growing and  development.

Based on the order and instruction of HE Defense Minister, carries all its operations in full coordination of security forces and in mutual understanding of the local authorities, respected local councils and tribal elders, as a result the current security situation in the western zone is exemplary.

The Corps 1sth regiment, located in Ghore provinces, retains the security there. The 2nd infantry regiment of Zafar 207 corps is in Farah. The 3rd regiment is in Badghis province.

Based on the plans of the Defense Ministry, the support sections such as regional 100 bed hospitals, Facility and MOD Property Maintenance Departments were established and currently active.

Also the 2nd regiment of the special operations with 4th and 9th commando units equipped with war weapons and depots are located in Herat and Shindand  to conduct security operations.