Acting Defence Minister visits Faryab to assess security situation

Acting Defence Minister visits Faryab to assess security situation

Kabul-Afghanistan: Asadullah Khalid, Acting Minister of Defence along with Gen. Austin Scott Miller, RSM commander and Matin Bieg, Director of Local Organs travelled to Faryab to assess security situation in North-West zone.        

In this official visit, Acting Defence Minister met with  Faryab governor, security officials and Afghan National Army personnel and praised their achievements in “Esar10” clearing operation which resulted in heavy causalities within the ranks of enemies.         

“We will secure Maimana – Andkhoy highway and assure people that enough forces are present here to ensure security. With the help and support from people we can destroy havens of terrorists.” Said Mr. Khalid while talking about a new clearing operation to be launched in Faryab province.      

Stressing on protection of civilians during combat operations, Acting Defence Minister said, “if enemies don’t listen to the voice of people and government (call for peace), they will be suppressed. “Security of Faryab is a priority for government and leadership of security forces.” He added.  

Recent offensives have inflected heavy blows on the enemies and operations are underway to remove security threats.