Defense Minister praises General John Nicholson, Resolute Support Mission Commander



Kabul-Afghanistan: Lt. Gen Tariq Shah Bahrami National Defense Minister praised endeavors and services of General john Nicholson while Wais Ahmad Barmak, interior minister, Muhammad Masoom Stanikzai, Director of National Directorate of Security, Defense and Interior Ministries’ generals were in attendance.


During the ceremony held at Defense Ministry, National Defense Minister first thanked General Nicholson for his assistance and advice and further added: “General Nicholson tried his best to coordinate efforts between resolute support command and Afghan National Defense and Security institutions. In regional and international relations section, General Nicholson’s efforts resulted in extension of NATO and international communities’ commitment.”

Lt. Gen Bahrami congratulated Gen.austin miller on his new assignment and said: “together with new RS leadership we will work to enhance ANA capabilities, bring peace and strengthen Afghanistan’s relations with its strategic partners.”

Latter, General Nicholson added: “for me it was a proud to serve alongside such heroes, fighting against international terrorism.” he also commended Afghan National Defense and Security Forces’ achievements in battle field.