Four Year Army Development Plan Discussed

Leadership of the Ministry of National Defense described the 4-year development plan for the National Armed Forces to senior journalists, political and military affairs pundits in a meeting held at the National Defense Ministry on 18 September 2017.

Lt. Gen Tariq Shah Bahrami, acting Minister of Defense and Lt. Gen Mohammad Sharif Yaftali General Chief of Army Staff told the participants that the Afghan government leadership convinced the international community, specially the United States of America, to extend and continue its support to the people of Afghanistan.  They said that the United States new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia is a cornerstone in the fight against global terrorism.

Mr. Bahram, also said that the Ministry of National Defense focuses more on the management of the war, improving the air force and special forces and commando units, integrating Frontier Police Forces from the Ministry of Interior Affairs in army, bringing reforms and maintaining good relations with the people and building and standardizing army.

Then Chief of General Staff also talked about the four-year development plan by saying that the veterans of National Army devoted their lives to bringing security and lasting peace to Afghanistan.