Lt. Gen Tariq Shah Bahrami holds meeting with civilian and security employees

Lt. Gen Tariq Shah Bahrami holds meeting with civilian and security employees

Aimed at strengthening the security, a joint meeting was held between security and civilian employees of Logar and Maidan Wardak provinces.

The meeting which was held at the Ministry of National Defense and attended by Lt. Gen Tariq Shah Bahrami, acting Minster of Defense, improving security, better governance and fight against land occupiers were discussed at the length.

Civil- military leadership of Logar and Maidan Wardak provinces briefed the visiting delegation about the plans and activities in countering security threats. Moving forward, participants shared their points of view about the agenda of meeting and proposed solutions for tackling the security challenges in both provinces.

Murad Ali Khan, Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs, while addressing the meeting said that the Interior Affairs Ministry will work with you should to shoulder and will fully support your initiatives for improving security situation in these two provinces.

At the end, acting Ministry of National Defense thanked all the participants for their valid opinions and said: “a joint delegation from Civil Reform Commission, Independent Directorate of Local Governance with the help of Security Line Ministries will be dispatched to collect information about the government land properties being occupied and the delegation will assess the security situation and will come up with solutions to those problems.