Lt Gen. Tariq Shah Bahrami attends army inspectors’ seminar

Lt Gen. Tariq Shah Bahrami attends army inspectors’ seminar

Lt Gen. Tariq Shah Bahram, acting Defense Minister, while addressing the army inspectors said that the army inspectors have to fight against corruption without any fear for the national interests and rule of law in Afghanistan.

While addressing the inspectors on 26 August, the acting Defense Minister said it is our religious and national responsibility to fight against corruption.

The seminar was attended by inspectors from all units, commands, and the Afghan National Army training institutes.

The acting Defense Minister also said that the brave Afghan soldiers have launched operations in 23 provinces against insurgents and sometimes their fighting is being faced with problems due to corruption. Inspectors’ role in preventing corruption is vital.

He instructed inspectors to act without fear and protect national interests and make army free of corruption. He said he and Chief of General Staff would stand alongside inspectors in their fight against corruption.

By setting the major performance criteria for the inspectors, Chief General Inspector said that by such a seminar the trainees will gain more knowledge by exchanging experience and it will enable them carry out their responsibility in a more effective way. He said the training can help bring more discipline when it comes to maintaining army facilities and brining transparency.

The seminar will continue for a week.